Website Terms of Use

  1. This Agreement takes effect by disclosing it to the users online.
  2. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you can immediately stop using our site.
  3. We can arbitrarily change the terms and conditions to improve or change the service.
  1. Sites provide access to a variety of resources and content.
  2. By accessing or using the content provided through the site or through the site, the user is deemed to have agreed to this Agreement.
  3. Temporary cookies are used for service delivery. Cookies are deleted immediately when you exit the browser.
  4. In principle, the service hours are 365 days a year, 24 hours, unless there is a special reason.
  1. The Old Pop Cafe has two channels. 24/7/365 with a warm old pop.
  2. Selected songs mainly include Oldpop and Newage and some songs.
  1. Membership is established by the user's application and our acceptance of the application.
     (1) You have to authenticate your e-mail within one month of applying for join.
     (2) One posting must be completed and approved by the manager within three months of applying for join.
     (3) If the required certification is not obtained within the specified time frame, the withdrawal will be automatically processed.
  2. All problems arising from the postings prepared by the members shall be the responsibility of the preparers themselves.
  3. Members may withdraw at any time.
E.Site Protection

If the normal operation of the site is threatened, we can:

  1. You can delete a user's post without prior notice.
  2. You can expel a member that threatens the operation of the site.
  1. (Enforcement date) These Terms and Conditions shall come into force on 12-Feb-2020.